Why would a 15-year-old girl publish a cookbook? I don’t know. I honeslty don’t know. But as a matter of fact, I did. It’s in German, and can be ordered here.

As the Austrian mail’s hobby is to change fares about every time I get there, you can send me a request with the number of books you would like to order and your exact address, and I will come back to you to tell you how much the shipping is.

Hardcover | 180 pages | German | Vegetarian | 11 €

Probably the most strenuous ab musculature training I’ve ever done. Honestly. You can’t imagine how tiring it is to lie in a wheelbarrow and act as if you’re the happiest person on earth while you secretly want to die. 

asparagus risottovegan currychocolate tart nadine's - that's amore - coconut cupcakes

5 thoughts on “Cookbook”

  1. Very cool! Would love to one day as well!
    Sophia :)

  2. sooooooo cool! bin total begeistert – tolle fotos und noch tollere rezept – hut ab! :-)

  3. Super inspired! Thanks for writing!

  4. This is awesome – age 16.. 2 year old cook book.. a beautiful blog.. good pictures.. very inspiring. Keep up the work :)

  5. andrea hilbert said:

    Ich habe über Dein Buch und auch einige Rezepte in einer vegetarischen Zeitschrift gelesen.
    Das sind Rezepte, wie ich sie mag, unkompliziert aber originell.
    Eine großartige Idee von Dir, ich bin auch sehe gespannt, auf die Fortsetzung Deines Blogs.

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