Let’s face it: Some blogs make your mouth water. They make you want to walk into the screen in order to devour that little chocolate glazed cake with slices of juicy, caramelized mango on top of it.

it’s not just the recipes, but rather the stories, the pictures and the design that can make a blog appealing, or in my case, addicitive. Most importantly though, the pictures. I’m obsessed with good pictures. If the pictures are nothing special, the blog’d better have awesome recipes.

So in case you are interested in my top blog-addiction-list, here you go.

Chocolate Pudding Cake | Vanilla Bean Blog

English Blogs

Cannelle et Vanille | aran | look at those pictures. | gluten-free |

The First Mess | laura | creative mind. | vegetarian |

Golubka | anya | yes. | vegan |

Joy the Baker | joy | classic. love her writing. |

Local Milk Blog | beth | looks pretty good, i’d say. |

My New Roots | sarah | brilliant. | vegetarian |

Oh, Ladycakes | ashlae | a baking blog you’d better bookmark. right now. | vegan |

Pure Vegetarian | lakshmi | well. the pictures. need I say more? | vegetarian |

Sprouted Kitchen | sara | a really good-looking take on whole foods. |

The Vanilla Bean Blog | sarah | can i dive into her chocolate pudding cakes please. |

What Katie Ate | katie | a lot of good stuff as it seems… |

German Blogs | lea | well-deserved winner of the foodblog award. | vegan |

Plötzblog | lutz | a blog all about baking bread. |

Double Chocolate Raspberry Brownies | Oh, Ladycakes

3 thoughts on “Blogs”

  1. Nice recipes Nadine. I had been planning to purchase, new Food of Life by Najmieh K. Batmanglij for Persian cooking. I like some of the Persian recipes you’ve posted especially the one on auberjines.

  2. Ha, it’s so true! I don’t care how many damn stars the chef has, if his book is devoid of pictures, he can forget about it!
    Have you looked at Food Gawker? I’m addicted to trying to get posted on there- they don’t care about your recipe, just your images. It’s equal parts demoralizing and thrilling!!

    • Yes, I love food gawker! (but until now, I haven’t been very successfull with submitting my pictures) I love looking at the pictures of others, though!

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