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Last week, I got an e-mail from a Viennese Startup. They offered to send me an Urban Monkey Detox Box that includes 18 juices and will replace my food for three days. I am usually very sceptical about these kinds of mails, and you might have noticed that I’ve never accepted such an offer. Juice cleanse? I’ve heard about them, made my own juices for half a day and then decided that food is nicer. I had no system. So I never really gave these cleanses a try, because I didn’t have the guts, and to be honest I just didn’t fancy the idea much. Then I realised that I am very prejudiced, and decided to actually give this offer a chance. I had a look at their website (Die Lieferei) and found it pretty cool. I liked the design and pictures, I liked their approach and I liked their product range (in fact, I am scrolling through the drinks they have at this very moment and am considering ordering all of them). So I made an exception and accepted the offer.

They announced that the box will arrive between 4 and 7 in the morning, and already I felt sorry for the post man, so I left him a note.

When I opened the door at 8, a black box awaited me. I opened it and there they were: 18 juices that smiled at me.

I was expecting complicated instructions on how to change my lifestyle during the next three days, but the only thing I found was a 2-pages-booklet that told me what was in the juices and what the suggested order of taking them was. It said that headaches and fatigue were possible and gave a hint which I followed happily: I prepared myself a veggie broth out of my homemade veggie stock to nip from when my palate yearned for something salty. Also, my fridge turned into this:

Day 1

I started with juice no. 1 (apple, pineapple, spinach, kale and mint) and was relieved. The juice tasted good (which isn’t surprising, considering the two first ingredients are fruits aka. sweet).

I knew I had to really plan my first day well, because first days of challenges are always the hardest. Luckily enough, I had already planned a quite intense day (music session + busking with friends and a talk in the evening). Because we were pretty busy, I had only drunk three juices til 6:30 in the evening, and I felt normal. I wouldn’t say I was more tired than usual, but neither was I feeling like Speedy Gonzales. After we were done singing to people on the street, I felt a slight headache coming, which isn’t a very unusual thing for me and can have several reasons (contact lenses, intense days, sleep-deprivation). I was optimistic it would vanish when I would drink my fourth juice, but surprise, surprise: it didn’t. I still went to the talk, realised it didn’t get any better, drank my fifth juice and left in the middle of the talk because I didn’t want it to turn into a migraine, which it almost had become. So I went home, and went to sleep. It was 8:45 p.m..

Day 2

In the morning I felt fine, as I always do when I go to sleep with a headache. After my breakfast juice, I was seriously craving something salty, so I prepared some veggie broth again, and this time, I didn’t have two sips, but a whole bowl and still felt that sweet taste in my mouth which I don’t particularly like. After that I met some friends and we “brunched” together (i.e. I had my second juice of the day). Not the best idea I had, because being surrounded by food when you haven’t chewed anything for 1,5 days, is not cool. In the afternoon I had my third juice (my fave! with curcuma and cayenne pepper). In the evening I really didn’t feel like something sweet, so I prepared myself some veggie broth again and that was it for the day. If the juices weren’t that sweet, I probably wouldn’t need it; but I’m really not used to taking that much sugar (albeit natural).

Day 3

I woke up with a slight headache, but it went away during the day. Again, I didn’t feel any increase or decrease in my energy level. Rather, I was not very excited to drink a juice again; I was really craving something solid, something salty, something I could chew. I really planned to be steadfast. The problem was a children’s birthday party I was helping out with in the afternoon. I might have succeeded in being steadfast, were it not for the mum who was looking forward to eat together after the birthday party. There was amazing cake, I baked pizza with the kids and that was it. I decided to end the cleanse some hours in advance, because it was too much. Too much fruit, too much liquid, too much sugar. I calculated the sugar I would be taking if I drank all six juices in one day, and found that 160 g is definitely too much, although it’s only natural sugar. Also, I didn’t lose weight, which is very unusual for me as I use weight pretty quickly.

My conclusion: I loved the juices, I really did (my favourite: Pine Fiction). I just wouldn’t do the whole three-day-detox cleanse again, but rather order the box to drink one juice a day as a snack or breakfast. The juices don’t go off after some days (due to the high pressure pasteurising), as would fresh homemade juices do, so it’s safe to order the whole box to save some money (vs. buying single bottles). I’m in love with Die Lieferei, which supports really cool brands, delivers to your housedoor (no, I’m usually not so much in love with ordering everything online, but when it comes to heavy things, I don’t mind it :)). They even take back the boxes with the empties you have, and you can get a voucher for the next order (= basically zero waste, as the bottles are being reused and the packaging is a reusable box. I LIKE).

AAAAAAND the news you’ve been waiting for: get a 10€ voucher for your next order at Die Lieferei by using the code nadeinthekitchen10