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Because eating out has become a habit here, and I do cook, but switched more to the enjoy-food-made-by-others-mode, I decided that this is going to be a post of another kind. For my food adventures here in Padova, you can follow me on Instagram.

nade in the kitchen - instagram

There are wonderful people out there, and I discover new things almost every day that make me really excited. This is going to be a post with some of my favourite posts from the last couple of weeks. Inspiration, start-ups, talks. Simply good stuff.

I love nice clothes. By nice I mean those kind of clothes you wear on days where you get up and feel like you’re having a good day (or planning to have one). Those clothes you just don’t want to take off. I do not, however, love how most of my clothes were produced. We all know about child labour, and I am not going to write an article about that. But what we might not know is that in fact there is nice and fair clothing, which I believed to be an impossibility until a few weeks ago. Two online shops I find particular cool is MASKA, and in particular this sweater and Santosh.

MASKA - Fair Clothing Online Shop

This homepage wants to help give homeless people a home. The concept is easy: They have advertisement on their site. Every time we go to the website, money is generated. This money goes directly to neunerhaus, a Viennese aid organisation that allows homeless people to live a decent life. Making the homepage your welcome page is a very easy way to do good. Do it.

Obdachlosen helfen

Food Waste is a big issue in our society, and the bad news is: we’re all in the system, and even if we do not let our veggies rot in the fridge, there will still be food waste, mainly because there are crazy regulations about ugly fruit and vegetables like knobby carrots or small strawberries. The good news is that there is a really cool Startup called Unverschwendet (german for “unwasted”) which exclusively uses fruit and vegetables which would otherwise be thrown away. Cornelia, the founder of Unverschwendet, is currently trying to crowdfund her project, and I think that helping her reduce food waste in Austria is well-invested money.

You can support Cornelia here.

Some food inspiration and to-try-recipes for the next weeks:

Key Lime Tart

When I get back, I would like to start posting everyday recipes, those recipes that don’t deserve their name, because you just mix up something, but the result is something heavenly. Those things you cook when you’re in a hurry, or just don’t know what to cook. What are your go-to-recipes?