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When my cousin was not married, and I was still at school, I visited him about once a month in Vienna in his shared flat, and during every almost every stay, I would have a project, mostly having something to do with the kitchen: clearing out the fridge, neatening some random kitchen cupboard or, when I was in an exceptionally good mood, cleaning the whole kitchen.

Now my cousin is married, has a beautiful apartment (and wife), and the first evening I was there, we cooked a better Khoreshte Bademjan than in my last post (there might be a new post, soon…). I am not sure about the exact reasons behind this, but sometimes, I am overcome with the urge of having to clean kitchens like a madwoman.

Apart from spending my time cleaning the kitchen an rearranging the living room (which was not my idea, FYI), I witnessed a romantic adventure trip of two people in their mid-fifties on the bus to Vienna. Not only was I tired and couldn’t sleep, but also did I have to watch these two people, who had met on the bus 50 minutes before, kissing for entire 80 minutes. The one-sided-conversation they had after cuddling and telling the world (or the two people sitting behind them, one of them being me) was very amusing indeed: “We will stay in touch on facebook”, she said. “Can I be friends with only one person? I want to be friends only with you.” OK, woman.

When I came back from Vienna, I felt like I should pack for Padova, which is was happening the day afterbut instead, I tidied up my room. By this, I don’t mean tidy up like every normal person would, but tidying up to a degree where I would re-organize my folders, look through every single sheet, through out half of them and feel relieved afterwards. The content of my furniture has never in my life been so orderly.

This excessive spring-cleaning is the reason why I didn’t start packing until two days before my departure.

But now I’m almost done, leaving in an hour (!!) and so so ready to move to the country of delicious pizza and heavenly ice cream, of loud voices and feisty people, of caffé e cornetto. Italy, here I come.

Raw Cheese Cake

Raspberry vegan Cheesecake

I think I’ve never reblogged a recipe, but I really cannot withhold you from this cake. When people want a second piece after an abundant dinner, it’s usually a sign something’s yum. A huge thanks you to Sarah Britton from My New Roots for this amazing cake!

Raw Cashew Dreamcake

Notes: I haven’t really changed anything about the recipe except for using only one lemon (I know, she says it’s important to use two) and adding some organic lemon zest. Also, I used maple syrup instead of honey and added in a splash of water to the cream. 

What may be of interest to you is that in order to achieve two separate layers of cream, I placed the cake with only the white layer in the freezer for about 15 minutes, then poured the raspberry layer on top.

When I serving, I like it to stand outside for an hour at least (I prefer a soft consistence rather than a frozen one)

Cheesecake with Cashews

And now. ENJOY. 

Raw Cashew Dream Cake My New Roots

Frozen Strawberries for Raw Cake