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Good news: I had my last written exam today! I can’t believe it! On saturday, before going to school (on a saturday!!) to study maths with some friends, I went to one of the bigger farmer’s markets in Graz – “Kaiser Josef Platz” – for an “event”.

Redesign the market and radishes

Redesign The Market was the name of this event which I saw promoted on the internet. Designers and farmer were put together and the designers helped the farmers to redesign either their stand or their products. What I expected was far more promising and thrilling than what I eventually found when I got there – rain and the market as it usually is. After taking a second look at some of the stands I found that some stands were indeed redesigned – and looked good! Just wanted to share some pictures with you :)

Carrots. Lots of carrots.

In case you ran out of carrots… 

new logo for apples

The new logo of “Pachernegg”


Baked goods. 


Fresh asparagus.

good juices. love them.

Juices, juices, juices. Wet from the rain. 



all types of apples

Different types of apples. I’m always stunned by this variety!

homemade jams

Ok, obviously I was too busy with taking pictures… I would have loved to buy one of those! Peach-Apricot, grape, sour cherry, black berry banana!! Need to go back very soon…

jams, vinegar and redesign the market fyler

me at the rainy market :)

Hello :)