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This is the second recipe from the project Ein Kochbuch auf Reisen. A simple lemon oil that is a perfect giveaway in my opinion. Pretty, delicious and easy to prepare. And this smell of the lemon, oh oh oh.

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homemade lemon oil

Back to the lemon oil. What you need is an organic lemon.

organic lemons

And good virgin olive oil. Some black pepper corns and a chili, if you want. What you do is to wash the lemon, peel it with a potato peeler and cut the zest in slices (optional).

Lemon Zest

If you have too much time, you can also be a bit creative.

nade in the kitchen - lemon zest is awesome

Fill a glass bottle with olive oil, add the zest, pepper corns and chili. Let the bottle stand in a dark, cool place for at least one week and enjoy the oil with salads, roasted vegetables or whatever comes to your mind.


oil with lemon and black pepper